Site Launch and Book Update

February 18, 2016

Now I have a site where people can learn more about the Frictionless Mastery method. Expect design tweaks, a logo, and new visuals during the coming weeks/months.

The full-length book Frictionless Foreign Language Mastery is at an advanced stage of editing. Soon I'll do the 5th — and hopefully final — draft.

The much shorter instruction manual is going to be finished soon. The text is almost finalized. I need to come up with a cover design and resolve formatting issues.

Now that both texts are nearly done, I'm deciding on publishing options. The books will be self-published and will be available for online mail order through a print-on-demand publisher and for downloading in eBook formats.

I don't have any dates for you yet, but if you'd like to know as soon as something becomes available, join my mailing list (no spam, I promise).

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