Feedback on Frictionless Mastery

What are people saying about Frictionless Mastery?

First, check out the reviews on Amazon (still very few as of February 2017 — remember, I'm self-publishing, and this is my first book ever...).

Also see comments on a guest interview with me for the Actual Fluency podcast.

Below is my collection of unsolicited feedback from people I've corresponded with or know personally:


I really enjoy your manual, it’s a brilliant system for language mastery. I will also buy the full-length book to get a deeper understanding of this method.
I've just finished watching the video. It's so inspiring and logic. As in an article in your blog,  you always stick to a consistent idea or philosophy(in this case the art of learning and the diagram of language familiarity and command), while you introduce your method and discuss different topics. That is so clear and helpful and i think all my questions have been perfectly answered. I am adapting my schedule to this learning routine.

You have been a great mentor for me in this case. I hope i can also do something for u sometime:)


I found the material on your website extremely interesting. I grew up bilingual (Portuguese & German), learned English relatively late (14 or so), and it is now my working language, and later I added French and Russian and (terrible) Georgian.

I like the notion of the circle of command, and am trying to break onto the level of carefree conversation in Georgian. That is a long way of saying that I would really be interested in your handbook. Could I indeed buy it off you? I found the writeups on your blog very plausible, very much matching my experience (and occasional frustration with teachers).

Might I get another book, possibly? With an extra 5 GEL, the $8.5 should about cover it...

Again, the approach is working very well. 


Ричард, привет! Хочу сказать, что книжка твоя служит мне серьезным мотиватором, прекрасная, очень нужная вещь! Можно мне, пожалуйста, также и русскую версию?
Пока пользуюсь с большим удовольствием и интересом.


Первая общая реакция - впечатлен, заинтересован, не утомлен (это после первичного "лайт" прочтения !) Никаких ощущуний типа "изъезженная тема", "эти фишки ведь уже где-то есть, проходили", "в конечном итоге все равно вокруг да около" и т.д.. Возникает интерес приступить к изучению не откладывая и настрой такой, что эффект просто неизбежен. 

DMITRY (RUSSIA), author of

Read Dmitry's review in English on He also sent me this:

То, что вы написали - просто удивительно. Я хочу сделать специфическую статью, опустив принципы, стратегии, и прочую психологию изучения, о которой я и так много рассказываю, и сосредоточиться на практическом алгоритме с примерами. (В итоге, посоветую конечно , вашу полную книгу прочитать и ссылку дам. Надеюсю это поможет вашим продажам). 

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