Traveling abroad as an exchange student, missionary, international student, intern, or volunteer?

– Do you know how best to master a foreign language once in the field?

– Are you equipped to pick up correct vocabulary and grammar through direct communication with native speakers?

– Do you have the tools to acquire excellent pronunciation and overcome the psychological challenges of operating in a different culture and language?

Once abroad, your language learning is going to be completely up to you! You're going to be surrounded by native speakers, but there will be no one there to tell you what or how to learn.

Find out how to take your language learning into your own hands and do it right.

My language mastery pocketbook outlines simple, yet extremely effective processes ideally suited for language acquisition in immersion settings. Frictionless Mastery is about combining the effortless, spongelike learning style of children with clever tricks that only an adult would think of.

"The book is a real discovery for language enthusiasts. I wish I could have read it years ago. It would've spared tons of efforts on my way to learning 6 foreign languages. The book contains an easy to use, step by step procedure on how to boost your speaking ability from the very beginning. It's amazing how we actually miss the most obvious things and let ourselves get lost in secondary and counterproductive ones, like studying lists of grammar rules and vocabulary. It literally revolutionized my idea of how to learn a language." 
Dmitry, Russia 

The Frictionless Mastery method is the result of 20 years of self-directed language learning, 16 of which were spent in 4 different countries of Eastern Europe. I managed to master Russian at a near-native level in just two years using the algorithm described. Now I work as a simultaneous interpreter, publish work in both English and Russian, and run a popular language exchange club, so language mastery for me has led directly to amazing personal and professional opportunities (more about me here).

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Here's my 3-minute introduction to the method:

Master a foreign language quickly while
studying, volunteering, or proselytizing abroad

The Frictionless Mastery method works for all languages and all levels. It takes you step by step from your first words in a language to the heights of near-native proficiency.

The instructions in this small handbook will double or triple your rate of language skill development and help you to achieve your maximum language learning potential.

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